Quality Policy
SIMPLICON is committed to provide temperature measuring sensor as per international standards and norms. We would endeavour to meet or exceed customers’ expectations with regards to accuracy, reliability, repeatability and workmanship. We would employ a significant portion of our earnings towards product development and their improvements with a view to help our customers achieve their intended quality standard in controlling their processes.
Quality System

SIMPLICON ensure that each sensor leaving the factory thoroughly satisfies the customer requirements. We are committed to provide products that surpass customer’s expectations. Our quality Objectives are:

  1. Design sensors in accordance with international standards and norms.
  2. Improve the quality of product by better selection of raw materials.
  3. Improve overall finishing and workmanship of sensors.
  4. Achieve higher production rates with zero failure rates. (than previous year)
Action taken to maintain these objectives :
  • Understand customer’s requirements and process requirements. Devised application datasheets and forms and personal visits made to understand customer requirements.
  • Selected appropriate raw materials and machinery and evaluated of their performance. Visited trade fairs, supplier’s factories, subscribed to magazines and trade associations to identify better and new machines and raw materials
  • Extensive testing and constant advances in manufacturing process.
  • Developed special jigs, fixtures, tools and SPMs in house to achieve zero failure rates in production.
  • Add new test equipments and gauges for quicker and accurate testing.
Inspection procedure for Quality control :
  • Raw materials received are checked for dimensional tolerances, type of material and surface finish and packed and stored in pre allocated storage cells ensuring clean and orderly inventory.
  • Semi-finished sensors are checked for dimensional details as per customer specifications and continuity tests per formed before sealing.
  • Finished products are tested for dimensional details, insulation tests and other electrical tests, calibration check and other tests as per customer specifications.
  • Each sensor has tamperproof label with unique serial no. and reference no. for easy identification of the batch details which is very useful for repeat ordering as well.
  • Rejections if any for finished products are quarantined and disassembled.
  • Regular periodic calibration checks for the thermocouple bare wires and RTD elements are performed.
Environmental Policy

SIMPLICON is committed to ensure that in the course of our business activates, we will minimize our impact on the environment. We shall:

  • Promote saving energy in our activities and make efforts for mitigating global warming.
  • Take measures for less waste output and promotion of recycling and aim to bring about re-cycling based society.
  • Ensure compliance with all applicable regulatory requirements
  • Continuously assess and let all employees be aware of the Environmental Policy and shall improve their knowledge regarding environmental preservation.
  • RoHS complaint Products available upon request
Health and Safety Policy

At SIMPLICON employees’ health and safety is among top priorities. To fulfill our this commitment we shall:

  • Strictly conduct our operations in compliance with applicable occupational health and safety laws and regulations as per Government regulations
  • Provide adequate training and motivation to ensure employees do the work safely.
  • Minimise risk at every stage of our manufacturing activity.
  • Ensure that all employees assume responsibility for this occupational health and safety commitment including in daily work implementation
  • Assess and eliminate or control the H&S risks of new and existing operations, seeking ways to contribute positively to their performance.
  • Provide First Aid boxes at easily accessible locations and implement emergency procedures in case of significant incidents.
Ethics Policy

The company will behave in an ethical manner in all its activities whether related to Employees, Customers, Suppliers and Society in general. The following guidelines are specifically stated in this regard

  • The company is committed to the welfare of its employees and shall strictly comply with the Government regulations regarding workers.
  • The company shall not support any child labour or forced labour in any of its activities.
  • The company shall strive to provide a safe, clean, and healthy environment for its employees
  • The company shall not discriminate on basis of caste, gender, race, religion, disability or political affiliation
  • The company is committed to integrity and trust by being open and honest in all its dealings
  • The company shall not engage in or tolerate any illegal or criminal activity.