One Quality, One Price:
Whether its export orders or local orders, small or big, there is only one quality that is the best we can from our available resources. Of course we help you cut costs by giving you alternate designs but no second or cheap quality. No orders too small or big:
From 1 piece to 1000 pieces per month all orders are most welcome. Replacements for Imported machines:
With our vast experience and world exposure through exhibitions in USA, Germany and UAE, we specialize in replacement of thermocouples and RTD (PT100) sensor designs for any machine or process from the world over. Answer to all Sensing Problems:
Whether it is replacing thermocouples with PT100 designs for better accuracy and quick response, increasing the speed of machines wanting faster, accurate and vibration proof PT100 RTD, miniature or special design of sensors to fit into your small gaps where there are space constraints, etc.. we have every answer to your problems. Make us your design partner:
Making something new, a new mould design, and new machine or process. Make us your design partners at the design phase itself and stop worrying about the small but this very important part. With shop-floor experience to the deep understanding and knowledge about the mechanical and sensing requirements you can trust us. We help you take into account the minutest details of proper fitment, easy and fast replacement, space constraints, vibrations, leads and wires breakage and terminations, materials and designs for adaptors or other process fittings, temperature range, etc… Need International quality at Indian Price???
SIMPLICON offers cost effective sensors with no compromise on Quality. Need high accuracy surface temperature measurement?
Replace thermocouples with Unique Tip Sensing SIMPLICON RTD (PT100) designs Get the SIMPLICON Advantage
  • Increase machine and heater life
  • Save Power with accurate sensing
  • Decreases downtime of machines
  • All parts produced in well equipped factory with skilled man-power
  • All raw materials from EUROPE and USA only.
  • High reliability and repeat piece-to-piece sensing accuracy and
  • Better piece-to-piece dimensional accuracy.
Working in Harsh environments? / Worried about harsh environments?
Stop worrying about sensor life. Leave it to SIMPLICON . SIMPLICON offers special
  • ‘Vibration proof’ Designs for High Vibration areas prone to lead breakage
  • Designs and MOC for longer life in Corrosive atmosphere.
  • Better life in humid atmosphere.